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American Planning Association (APA) International Webinar - Free!

The  Lead Authors of the Active Design Guidelines Discuss Local and International Implementation

Are you interested in making your community a 'Fit City' by transforming the design of your neighborhoods, streets, and buildings to encourage people to be physically active and healthy?

Designing our communities to encourage greater physical activity and healthier eating and drinking can help counteract the most pressing health, environmental, and economic challenges of our time, from the epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, to oil consumption and pollution from vehicle use, to spending on healthcare, to other economic issues like retail sales and jobs, to issues of social equity. This webinar features some of the top ways in which cities and towns can promote Active Design, which encourages walking, bicycling, stair climbing, active recreation and improved access to healthy foods and beverages.

Panelists are:

Dr. Karen Lee, from Dr Karen Lee Health + Built Environment Consulting; former Director of the Built Environment at NYC Health Dept

Skye Duncan,  Global Designing Cities Director, National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO); former Senior Urban Designer at NYC Dept of City Planning

Wendy Feuer,  Assistant Commissioner, Design + Art + Wayfinding, NYC Dept of Transportation

Victoria Milne, Director, Built/NYC, Public Art & Design Initiatives, NYC Dept of Design and Construction

To join: 

The webinar is free and anyone with the url can join it.

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