You can find recent press articles and interviews pertaining to Dr. Karen Lee's work below:

The Housing for Health Project was launched in Alberta, Canada on May 14, 2019. See interviews with

Su-Ling Goh of Global News here

Scott Johnston of Global News here

Elise Stolte of the Edmonton Journal here

Ryan O’Byrne of University of Alberta’s Folio here

Ryan Jespersen speaks to Dr. Karen Lee about Connectivity and Creating Healthy Communities on The Ryan Jespersen Show on 630 CHED

Listen to the radio show discussion from September 29, 2017 here.  

The Edmonton Journal discusses with Dr. Karen Lee what can be done to help ensure success in pilot projects to improve our built environments

Read the story by Elise Stolte from September 29, 2017 here.

Walkcast:  How Progressive Cities are Embracing Walkability - to Make Money

Dr. Karen Lee joins Edmonton-based journalist and "walkcaster" Tim Querengesser on a walk and talk about the importance of walkability for the health and wellbeing of people - and businesses.  Hear the segment from September 2017 here.  

CJSR-FM discusses what Winter Cities can do to promote better health and safety

Dr. Karen Lee was interviewed by Jody Zink at the Winter Cities Shake-Up Conference in Edmonton, Canada after her presentation.  Hear the segment that aired March 7, 2017 here.  

Global News Health Matters covers the Importance of Healthy Community, Neighborhood and Building Design

Dr. Karen Lee discusses with health reporter Su-Ling Goh the importance of healthy community, neighborhood and building designs to support people in the healthy choices they are trying to make.  See the Feb. 27, 2017 segment here.  

CTV's Your Morning discusses City Design

On Jan. 13, 2017, Dr. Karen Lee discussed the importance of City Design for health past and present.   

Huffington Post on Green Buildings and Health

“We see there are increasing certification products that are out there to help guide those practices.”  Dr. Karen Lee discusses greening and health in this June/July 2016 article.  Get full article here.

Former Bloomberg official designs healthy cities

Dr. Lee discusses designing cities to address today's leading killers such as heart disease, cancers and diabetes with Rosa Goldensohn in Crain's New York Business.

Miami Herald: Developers bank on healthy living in Aventura

“There’s now a strong base of evidence that when you design physical activity into your buildings and streets and neighborhoods, it can increase people’s physical activity,” said Lee.
— Nicholas Nehamas for Miami Herald

"Hamilton could be healthier with better city design"

Dr. Lee discussed better city design and it's link to health in Hamilton with Julie Chapman of CBC Canada here.

"How To Make Our Communities Healthier"

Dr. Karen Lee discusses healthier communities with CBC Edmonton's Portia Clark in an audio interview.

Metropolis Magazine: Healing Cities:

Dr. Karen Lee, a global-health and built-environment consultant to government and non-government organizations, is spearheading programs to improve our health through our built environment, and has worked with 40 cities worldwide to advance these development.
— Sharon Sharpe for Metropolis Magazine: Healing Cities

"Presto, Instant Playground"

Dr. Lee discussed urban design and public policy with Alec Appelbaum of the New York Times here.

"10 steps to begin correcting Chicago's open space shortage"

Blair Kamin of the Chicago Tribune discusses ideas that could help Chicago's park-poor neighborhoods away from the lakefront with Dr. Karen Lee here.

"I never realized how dumb our cities are until I saw what a smart one looks like."

Maz Ali of Upworthy discusses Dr. Karen Lee's ideas for urban living here.

“It’s a vigorous activity [taking the stairs]. It burns more calories per minute than jogging,” says Dr. Karen Lee, who advises governments around the world on public health issues related to the built environment, and is a special adviser to the World Health Organization.
— Flora Lichtman for NPR, USA

"Better urban design could add years to your life"

Dr. Lee discusses how better urban design could add years to your life with reporter Chris Brown from CBC's The National in Canada here

"Well designed cities improve citizens' health"

Michael Geller of Vancouver Courier reports on Dr. Karen Lee's Keynote Presentation at the Canadian Institute of Planners' Conference about how well designed cities can improve health for Canadian citizens here.

"Ficar mais tempo em pé pode aumentar expectativa de vida"

Dr. Karen Lee discusses decreasing sedentariness with TV Globo in Brazil here.

In the 1880s, 60 per cent of deaths in New York were due to infectious disease. By 1940 that had dropped to 11.3 per cent. Last year, it was just 9 per cent, said Dr. Karen Lee, a New York expert on active urban design.
— Tess Kalinowski for the Toronto Star

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